Beatiful place and a beautiful time

Beautiful day here at Hotel Alpenhof sipping some sweet tea reading a great book and looking out the window at the soft fresh snow. I had a great first time here and can’t wait to return! They had amazing hospitality and kindness during my stay. If you ever get a chance while in Europe come visit this beautiful place! As for me, next stop, Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.


Snow for days

Had a great camp at Hintertux Austria with plenty of race training and SO MUCH SNOW!!! It’s still falling! Get here and get some skiing! Over 40 centimeters of snow!! Looks to be a great year in Hintertux Austria!



Top of a glacier, no top of the World.

Skiing slalom and eating some delicious food here in Hintertux Austria. A small town up in the Mountains of Austria with a glacier that’s skied year around. Food that is to die for and people that restore my faith in humanity. It’s a gorgeous land with kind people. The training here is amazing which is why the US adaptive team is training here! Big thank you to everyone who helped get us here! NetCracker technologies Highfives foundation and Challenge Alaska. In the picture, Rikke Gasmann-Brott, Tyler Walker and Siri Gasmann-Brott





Powder Hounds Unite

Powder hounds unite! The snow is coming down hard in Portillo Chile this September. Here for a race camp but it looks like POWDER. Get here and shred the Gnar!


Skiing Portillo

Made it to Portillo Chile where I will be training with my teammates on the US Adaptive ski team! Always an honor to get to travel train and compete with these fine folks as well as represent not only my sponsors but the USA. Thank you NetCracker and High5sFoundation!




Sometimes the small things

After leaving the movie theatre late at night, from watching probably the greatest movie ever! I was driving on the highway and on my way home I saw a man walking beside the road. Being super tired from dry land training, fishing, then working. I wasn’t feeling generous. But after I passed him my conscious gave me a tug and I knew I needed to turn around. So i did. After I picked him up, to my surprise, he knew my name. He knew I skied and he said I had picked him up about 4 or 5 years earlier, gave him some cash and that ride had made the biggest difference for his life. He would never forget me or my name. After i dropped him off at his home. I couldn’t hold back the smile and the tears are still trying to escape. I helped this man get back on his feet and now he’s standing on his own. All I know, is I don’t regret turning around to pick him up. I’m happy i did it, and I think he just made the bigger difference in my life.


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