Paralympic Highlight video

A True Dream, Inspiration is found through motivation. Paralympics highlight video

My Dream and my Goal.

About Kurka

World cup mono skier and X Games Mono-Cross competitor. Announcer, and all around Adaptive Adventurer!! I blog for anyone who would like too see my skills and follow along on my Adventure of life! As well as to keep my sponsors updated on my recent activity.
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One Response to Paralympic Highlight video

  1. Fran says:

    Hi Andrew!
    I met you on the airplane.
    Your site is great…I particularly like the paralympics video. You truly are an inspiration…and I pray you continue to do well with your athletics as well as your speaking engagements.

    One of my favorite professors: True courage is born out of compassion for others.

    I’m happy to see that you care about motivating others.

    Okay…I am praying for you. And now I’ll visit the donor page.

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