Arm Cranking Fist Shaking Fun

Just finishing the longest toughest hand cycle race in the world, is a successful feeling. Biking nearly 300 miles with the final 20 being over 3000 vertical. When you finally reach the top of the mountain. You’ll never feel such accomplishment. Something not many can say they have ever done. Yet i did it, in a hand cycle. An adaptive piece of equipment like a bike but with a seat. Where you lay back and just keep cranking, with nothing but your arms. The craziest part was when i finished, my first ever race. I knew i could do it again, and do it better. 5th overall and 2nd in my category was a fantastic finish for my first race. But at the end of the day, when you lay down, just before you close your eyes. It’s just like anything, the thoughts sit and ponder. Could i have done better? Could i have been faster? of course the answer is always yes. It’s a humbling feeling. Giving me hope for the future, and keeping me shaking my fist in success. Not because i beat so many others, or because so many others beat me. But because i know that i accomplished something, completed a personal goal and can keep moving forward. That is the challenge of life and the pursuit of happiness, because its the pursuit and the challenge that is the most fun. So i challenge you to set a goal, and to start your pursuit. Just make sure you have fun.

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About Kurka

World cup mono skier and X Games Mono-Cross competitor. Announcer, and all around Adaptive Adventurer!! I blog for anyone who would like too see my skills and follow along on my Adventure of life! As well as to keep my sponsors updated on my recent activity.
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One Response to Arm Cranking Fist Shaking Fun

  1. ARK says:

    Congratulations Andrew for your achievement. May God Bless You.

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