Panoramic, Panorama

From training in Aspen to competing in Panorama British Columbia its been a great few weeks filled with lots of new experiences and challenges. Sometimes you have to face the challenges head on, and sometimes you just need to let them be. Do your best, learn from the situation and handle it better next time. This is something i am determined on making a piece of who i am. Not always needing to win, or being the most competitive, but simply becoming a little better every-time. These last few weeks have been filled with many challenges, from a new mono ski that i have needed to adapt to. All the way to broken equipment. Last minute fixes. The type of things that catch you last second and make you say “Damn it”. But in the midst of it all, i took a moment to remember, stress is something we make ourselves. The scenery is beautiful, and so is this life, there are more than a million things i can be thankful for. I just need to take a minute and appreciate what really matters. Thats when everything started coming together, the new equipment showed up, and just in time for the races in Canada. Which Team USA showed up for, we were missing a few great racers from the team, being the beginning of the year. Also that it wasn’t a World Cup race. But things are looking bright with solid performances from new comer Thomas Walsh, Tyler Walker and myself. Despite the new equipment and tough conditions, i know we are excited for a new strong season. Our next race will be in Pitztal Austria with another race immediately following in Winter Park before Christmas!! I will do my best to keep you updated, thank you for following on my adventures.

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About Kurka

World cup mono skier and X Games Mono-Cross competitor. Announcer, and all around Adaptive Adventurer!! I blog for anyone who would like too see my skills and follow along on my Adventure of life! As well as to keep my sponsors updated on my recent activity.
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