Looking ahead

With World Cup Finals just ending in Aspen Colorado and another season coming to an end. I can feel the positive emotion and excitement for team USA, a very strong very young team. Looking forward to our future and what we can do not just in this sport but for this sport. Ending off the season, i felt we definitely did it right winning the women’s Nations Cup and Placing a close second behind Russia for the mens Nations Cup. A Globe representing the best World Cup teams to compete this year. I have no doubt we would’ve been in that first place spot, if not for some unfortunate injuries that occurred at the end of the year, including Tyler Walker and Jamie Stanton.

Despite the injuries, we still had a very solid team, the rookies were able to step up and step in with some impressive podiums in World Cup Finals, including Josh Elliot and Thomas Walsh putting down both a silver and a Gold.

Looking ahead, the future is nothing but bright. With a young team, talent, perseverance, and heart. I know we can go far, and be the best. Many of us were barely etched out for a globe, winning a globe means to be the best skier in the world for this year. Though many of us didn’t get the globe, we came in a close second or third. Which tells me with the heart and dedication we have as a team, we can truly dominate in years to come.

Completing goals is something i can feel we can all relate to, it gives you a sense of accomplishment shows that things are moving in the right direction. Thats why I’m proud to have completed my goal for this year, it speaks to me personally and brings faith to everything i have hoped to accomplish with my career. As an athlete i understand i am on a pedestal, an example. Put in a place of opportunity to make a difference for the world or at least for many others. Seeing the team like this, knowing i am consistently progressing and going from one injury a year. To a full year of constant skiing, having the opportunity to represent my country and knowing i can come back stronger. Helps me to feel nothing but thankful and know that all the injuries, the surgeries, the sweat and the tears. Count for something, they make my story that much more impactful and help me to show what i have been through and hopefully make a difference for others going through a similar difficult time.




About Kurka

World cup mono skier and X Games Mono-Cross competitor. Announcer, and all around Adaptive Adventurer!! I blog for anyone who would like too see my skills and follow along on my Adventure of life! As well as to keep my sponsors updated on my recent activity.
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