Its not to chilly in Chile

The weather was fantastic and the times good in both Valle Nevado and Portillo Chile. With constant training, every day we were either on the snow training for SuperG or GS. The snow conditions were icy and hard, making for challenging but great terrain for training. Every night it would get cold and freeze, then everyday, it would warm up and become slushy. This helped pack the snow in a manner fantastic for setting up a race course. Imitating true race conditions, preparing us for the rest of the season. A substantial advantage was the fact that many teams from around the world were training there are well. Giving us a chance to train and work with them. Helping us to know exactly where our weaknesses lay and how they need to be worked on.

After training everyday we had team exercises and recovery in the gym. Then as night would blow through it was amazing to see the sunsets and change that would almost miraculously take place. Because just near us in Valle Nevado was Santiago, and over Santiago. Every night the sun would set, and the smog sitting over the city, would send out a glow. Though caused by something less than appeasing. The beauty of the sunset was still mesmerizing. The second week we spent training was in Portillo, a very unique place to train. With a beautiful surrounding lake, and a ski lift that takes you over the road. The conditions though oddly more challenging were great. Nice hard icy snow and the conditions were placed on a fun cross slope. Making keeping a edge on the hard ice challenging yet fun. The great thing was, much of the competition wasn’t getting the same training as we were in Portillo Chile. Helping to ski different conditions, really brings a good perspective and strong unique style to the team. It helps me to truly look forward to what the season has to offer. There were a few adventures and fun had off the snow! My favorite, was the chance to kayak the beautiful glacial lake of Portillo.

About Kurka

World cup mono skier and X Games Mono-Cross competitor. Announcer, and all around Adaptive Adventurer!! I blog for anyone who would like too see my skills and follow along on my Adventure of life! As well as to keep my sponsors updated on my recent activity.
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One Response to Its not to chilly in Chile

  1. Paulla says:

    Looks Amazing Andrew, thanks for always sharing your adventures and letting my eyes see what you see. You have opened my eyes to some beautiful places in the world. As always you are an amazing and inspiring Young man.

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