A new season begins

As the season ends, the adaptive snow team is nothing but thankful for another great Adaptive Spirit event in Vail. We were able to raise nearly a million dollars and well over half a million dedicated to next year! The importance of this for the future of our careers is astounding, especially with Pyeong Chang on the way. My personal support and connections grew with every passing day. Making new friends and acquiring new connections in the cable industry. Getting a chance to represent my sponsors to the best of my ability and giving my sponsors a chance to acquire new business alliances. I had the opportunity to present Netcracker, the company that has been with me, sponsoring me for years. My SuperG globe, an honor of mine and I hope if there’s for years to come! Here’s to nextyear! And many more. #netcracker #adaptivespirit

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World Championships Downhill Gold

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Monoski Moments

To have someone take a moment of your life. Deem it great enough to write about for others to remember and be inspired and motivated. Or to simply be interested. Is a honor in itself which I am thankful for. These photos are from the AspenTimes and Austin Colbert.


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Adaptive SuperG Gold

Proud to share one of my most honorable moments, when i was able to win gold in the SuperG at world cup finals in Pyeong Chang 2017 at the test event. Putting me in the lead for the victory of the Globe.


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Ability to overcome 

As we are boarding the plane preparing to leave Pyeong Chang. The test event was amazing, so much so that one year of waiting seems to long. Team USA showed up and did fantastic. The venue for the alpine team is held to the best condition possible. Bringing the best crews from around the world to work the course and keeping the conditions as safe as possible. The surrounding area is beautiful, with rolling rocky hills covered in trees that grow in the most amazing of places and conditions. The rivers are a deep clean blue and people are friendly always wishing to assist you. It seems like a great area to visit for vacation. With Anmok beach not far from Pyeong, where you can truly experience the culture and great seafood. Including fresh caught fish and shellfish for good prices. The only downfall of this area is the smog, surrounding and filling the air. From China which is so close.

The great thing about the test event, was even though not everyone did well and a few expected a little more of themselves. They had a chance to see what is needed, and given one year to overcome any issues they might have in Pyeong. Our team was able to manage multiple globes and overall medals, showcasing our consistency as a program throughout the season. Including myself with two globes. A goal of mine for this season, coming down to the wire in both races it was a close call and worth every moment. To be the best in the world is something noteworthy. A dream that has come true for me.

It’s something that showcases our absolute ability, our hopes and our dreams. A chance to be called the best and makes a legacy. But the beauty of it is the journey and the ability we find that we didn’t know we had, our ability to overcome.



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Definition of Integrity

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Golden Adventure

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Some live a life of adventure, some live to experience adventure. Some make it their souls purpose. For me, adventure is a pastime, something I seek with every chance I get. Something easy when skiing on the US Ski Team. Something that helps make the days away from home and the long moments that fill the days go by much easier. This last trip filled with adventure ranged through a good deal of Europe. The trip started with landing in Munich Germany, the first World Cup race was in InnerKrems Austria with Downhills and SuperGs, followed by GS and Slalom in Kranjska Gora Slovenia. The last race of the recent trip was World Championships in Tarvisio Italy, where the races started with Downhill and SuperG where I managed a Gold and bronze. Marking my first major win, becoming world champion in Downhill, managing a bronze in the SuperG and silver in the GS. Crashing in the SuperCombined and Slalom.


Making this trip mean even more on a personal level.Was the fact i was able to overcome a busted rib from a slalom injury in Slovenia. Making the victory mean that much more on a personal level. The journey to being world champion though fun and sprinkled with slight disaster. Had moment of memories that will forever stay with me. From winning gold and becoming world champion to taking a take and finding peace at the top of a mountain with friends adventuring ruins. This World Championships is bound to be one i am always thankful for.


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