The Mono-ski

The Mono-ski also known as a SitSki, is an adaptive competitive or recreational device for people with a disability such as a paraplegic or amputee. Though many can use a Mono-ski! You don’t have to be disabled or even competitive anyone and everyone can Monoski. Some compete on World Cup circuits and travel nationally or even internationally for competitions. The X games hosts an event called the Mono-cross. Where Monoski sit skiers race down a closed course going off of jumps and racing side by side. Many mono-skiers are very skilled, and that’s what I am hoping to portray through this blog. As well as my life’s adventures.

There are many different types of mono-skis and adaptive devices. To search some of this awesome equipment please CLICK THIS LINK to go to the Enabling Technologies website.  The brand and type of mono-ski i race on is known as the Tessier Monoski


2 Responses to The Mono-ski

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  2. saryansha says:

    The mono-ski seems to be a great recreational device that children can use to learn skiing before they can actually ski on skiis.

    While SitSkis can be recreational, the competitive nature, use and price of it often exceeds that of a bobsled or a home-made one – that can carry several children down a slope.

    Then again SitSkis are specialized equipment and could find greater use in the years to come.

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