Golden Nationals with a memory

This last week Aspen Hosted the U.S. Speed Nationals at Tiehack Mtn on the back side of buttermilk. With a good showing of local US athletes and competitors with even a few from New Zealand and Australia. Though the competition wasn’t fierce it gave the chance of local athletes to gauge themselves and crown a National Champion. I was nervous entering these races, after breaking my femur 7 weeks earlier and only being back on snow 10 days before the competition started. A finish would’ve brightened my day and a podium, my week. But at the end of these races I look back on a memory I will keep forever and lessons learned for the rest of my career. I managed 3 golds and 2 silver medals in my debut back only losing to a New Zealander Corey Peters by 11 hundredths of a second. I managed to hold on to my National speed title and I learned a lot about myself and my racing. The thing that touched my heart was that I was able to win a belt bucket for overall racer. It’s not an ordinary belt buckle, but a buckle representing these races. Races that are hosted for my old coach and friend, Sean Ramsden, who passed away late last year. A great coach and a great memory. The most punching thing though, is that I’ll be able to say. I won the first ever buckle at the first ever Sean Ramsden memorial.




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Faith In Humanity Restored

While at the gym today. A man walked up to me and started up a conversation. Telling me how he wanted to do a random act of kindness. He saw me working hard and said it wouldn’t be wasted. Dan Soderburg of ABCD Soderburg in Aspen just became my new sponsor. Out of nowhere, when I needed it because of my hospital bills. Just because he felt the need to do a random act of kindness. This touched my heart. Their are still amazing and kind people out there, I have the fortune In my life of meeting so many. I feel it’s because I also try my hardest to be a kind and caring individual. My challenge for you is to “pay it forward” choose to do one random act of kindness for someone. Step out of your comfort zone, be brave and be giving. Even if it’s just once. You could make a difference like Dan made for me. I have faith you, might even keep it going.

My teammate on the National TeamUSA for adaptive Alpine Skiing managed a GOLD and a SILVER in World Cup Finals in St Moritz Switzerland earlier this week. And I had to honor him with awesome picture. Taken in a place i wish I could been.


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Ending X games

Had a great time announcing a great event with ESPN and Jimmy Coleman! At X games Aspen 2015!! I learned a lot and had a blast. I had the opportunity to be a sport announcer for MonoX and Adaptive Snowboard X chosen by Derek Wilson, and Sharon Bauer. I wore my mountain khakis on screen as to keep it comfy and classy of course! But the most interesting and awesome piece of the MonoX which I was honored to be there and announcing for. Was Chris-Devlin-Young setting a new record at X games. The Oldest athlete ever to score a podium! The fact that it’s a Gold Medal is just icing on the cake. When asked, by Laurette Nicoll, how he felt about a podium at age 53, he simply said “I’m 53?” It was a great ending to a awesome XGames! Though I couldn’t compete this year because of my Femur break. I know I made some new friends and had a blast, doing what I love to do. Announcing and skiing.






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From Alaska to Aspen

Had a blast back in the great state of Alaska! It’s just as beautiful as ever, with a free minded way of life. I grow to miss it on my travels, the way everyone is friendly. The way everyone smiles, and the way Alaskans enjoy the outdoors. Is by far what makes Alaska so amazing. Besides, of course, the beautiful scenery and gorgeous mountains and animals.

While I was back I even had a chance to speak to some local high schoolers at the “Tech School” in wasilla. I must say I feel honored to be part of such a great state with such great kids. We might even be seeing some sport agents or future Olympic athletes coming out of the valley.

The snow in Alaska Isn’t the greatest this year. But they’re staying optimistic up north hoping it’ll start falling again soon. My femur is just about to be cleared so I’ll be back on snow, just after Xgames! Which I’m still announcing! Couldn’t be more excited or honored to be a guest athlete speaker. I’m looking forward to a great competition and though I won’t be competing. To announcing the competition!





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Legislative Citation

Having a blast being back in Alaska. This truly is my home and returning here always keeps me grounded in what “home” truly means. I have been honored with representing my country as an athlete around the world. It means amazing amounts that are hard even for me to fathom. Especially when I receive recognition for the sacrifices and pain in the process. At Challenge Alaska where I had my humble beginnings as a skier. I received a legislative Citation. A framed piece of paper. Stating that I am being recognized by my state as an athlete. A representative and a role model. It means great deals to me, seeing my home and how I am supported makes me proud to be from such a great state! Thank you Alaska.



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San Diego Experience

After my ski accident while alpine race training in Aspen Colorado. Resulting in a broken femur. Finding a warm place to heal came at just the right time, the Paralympic Alpine ski team was taking a team bonding vacation in Chula Vista, San Diego. Everything seemed to come together. My family decided to visit and my realtor and inventor friend Dirk Cahaan (an ex Navy Seal) said he would show me around. That he did! Adventures in this town are up to par! There’s always something to do, from visiting the stadium and watching football. To fishing and snorkeling for lobsters or clams, to potting for crabs or even surfing Mission Beach!! There’s Balboa park, SanDiego Zoo, USS Midway and the air and space museum. Plus the night life isn’t bad either!! I would definitely suggest it as a vacation destination! I spent two weeks there and still feel I have so much more to explore!! In the back of my mind I am still remembering that recovery is key and can’t wait tell I’m back on snow!! After visiting my hometown in Alaska for a bit, it’s back to Aspen for training!! Then on to the World Cup Season!!





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From Crashing it, to Smashing it

Hello from Aspen Colorado!
It’s been a great week of races here, with USA showing our colors and putting up some great podiums. Many countries were in attendance with some close races coming down to the hundredths. Some of the best skiers in the world competed such as, Adam Hall and Corey Peters from New Zealand and Canada’s Matt Hallet. With some very impressive podiums being put down by Laurie Stephens, Stephanie Jallen and Ralph Green of team USA. The big story though is that of American Tyler Walker trumping the races and putting down and impressive FOUR! Gold medal finishes two in Giant Slalom and two in Slalom. After his crash in Sochi, it seems he hasn’t lost it, and will be returning stronger than ever! That’s saying a lot because he finished last year with an impressive 4 World Cup Globes. There’s no stopping an unstoppable force and it seems Tyler Walker is determined on being unstoppable or at least, the best in the world. Watch Tyler Walkers crash from Sochi last year. Link below

Tyler Walker Skiing Aspen Races 2014

Tyler Walker Skiing Aspen Races 2014

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