Arm Cranking Fist Shaking Fun

Just finishing the longest toughest hand cycle race in the world, is a successful feeling. Biking nearly 300 miles with the final 20 being over 3000 vertical. When you finally reach the top of the mountain. You’ll never feel such accomplishment. Something not many can say they have ever done. Yet i did it, in a hand cycle. An adaptive piece of equipment like a bike but with a seat. Where you lay back and just keep cranking, with nothing but your arms. The craziest part was when i finished, my first ever race. I knew i could do it again, and do it better. 5th overall and 2nd in my category was a fantastic finish for my first race. But at the end of the day, when you lay down, just before you close your eyes. It’s just like anything, the thoughts sit and ponder. Could i have done better? Could i have been faster? of course the answer is always yes. It’s a humbling feeling. Giving me hope for the future, and keeping me shaking my fist in success. Not because i beat so many others, or because so many others beat me. But because i know that i accomplished something, completed a personal goal and can keep moving forward. That is the challenge of life and the pursuit of happiness, because its the pursuit and the challenge that is the most fun. So i challenge you to set a goal, and to start your pursuit. Just make sure you have fun.

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Racing in Alaska

Alaska Disptach had a new article revolving around myself. And the longest toughest handcycle race in the world. Being my first race I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! I cannot be more excited to be competing. Especially in my home state


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Longest, Toughest, Hancycle Race In The World

Follow the link below for a article on my recent upcoming and first handcycle race. 

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Sports Spotlight: Alaska Challenge racer Andrew Kurka.

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Longest Toughest Race

The Alaska Challenge is on its way, today the 20th of July marks the start. My arms are still sore from training and my nerves are reminding me I’m alive. After a 24 hour break I feel i’ll be perfectly ready. This year the longest toughest handcycle race in the world will span from Fairbanks AK to Palmer Ak with mountain passes and roads traveling right through the tundra. An excess of 200miles and 3 days worth of straight biking. This race will be my first Hand-Cycle race and I cannot be more excited. The support I have received from my sponsors and from Challenge Alaska rise my anticipation for this great event. I hope to do well, and if not do well. Then learn how to do better.  


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Adaptive Waterskiing! 

Going big and having fun with the #highfivesfoundation in Mississippi! A great trip with great heat and great humidity. It’s trips like these that help me realize how important new experiences are. After all, how do you measure life?


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Olympic Center Training

The US Alpine Paralympic team just finished our summer training camp. I must say it was a fun time! Up every morning exercising with fun activities to follow. In the scheme of the situation watching people who have such adversity and difficulty in everyday life come together was certainly fun. Especially to challenge each other in things people wouldn’t see everyday. Like paralympians, rock climbing, or taking over a gym to play basketball. It certainly was a great time! As well as a great reminder to stay fit, we have another tough year with tough competition on the way. Our daily dry land schedule is set, and team USA will certainly be another tough contender this coming year! 

But in the mean time, cycling is my girlfriend and lifting is my significant other. But summertime fishing will always be my mistress ;-) The countdown to NewZealand begins! Only two more months to go before the team is back on snow! 

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Summertime cycling

As the ski racing season comes to an end, the cycling season starts picking up. Up early every morning training and cycling. The back trails of Alaska and sheer beauty remind me why this untamed wilderness has such majesty. Why I spend so many days outdoors and why I love it when I return. 

As I take time off from skiing I am reminded that it’s the little moments that keep me going and the memories from a home sweet home. A place I belong, the summer weeks are filled with motivational speeches and events at schools where I show up and cycle with kids and pass out reflectors. All to support health and a future generation. Could not be more blessed.



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