Challenge Alaska 2019

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Pursuing the pressure

The new ski season is underway. The pressure to keep up with the facade of victory is yet upon us. As alpine ski racers, as individuals with disabilities. As the expectations of previous victories creep into the mind and the spirit. The important things in life start to shine, more and more I find the journey is the destination. When pursuing perfection and when pursuing what we love. It’s the process that provides the product we’re all seeking. It’s the journey that provides the smiles and the stories that bring the memories for life.

Traveling across Europe, finding the snow. Seeking the cold, pursuing the perfection of sport, the perfection of ourselves. It’s the journey of an athlete. But, at the same time, it’s the journey we all face in life. The journey of being better tomorrow than we were today. The process in life of seeking and finding our passion. The passion for perfection of

our personal selves. While all the while, facing the challenges of everyday life. Some of which we can control, some we can change. Challenges that force us to muster up our aptitude towards perseverance. There was an earthquake while I was home that reminded me the importance of facing the difficulties in life. That sometimes we have to be ready to face the most daunting challenges in life, and look to our neighbors for some assistance.

A lot of these thoughts and perspectives are what I ponder, as the team prepares to travel and compete another year on the World Cup circuit. Traveling between Switzerland, Austria and Italy to compete for my country. All the while thinking of the next step in my personal life, the goals I have set to pursue. Finishing the bed and breakfast, preparing the Alaskan outdoor camps for those with disabilities. The journey that I cannot encompass with words. Only that I am thankful for those that have helped me along the way. Nomi Bergman, Netcracker and HighFives foundation have always been there. I know for a fact It’s because of the kindness of others that I am truly able to pursue the pressure of that rare and unique chance, to be the best.

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Another Seasons Beginning

Training in Chile, Hintertux Austria, and Winterpark Colorado. The team is prepared and ready to start off the season this December in St, Moritz Switzerland.

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Pyeong Chang 2018 Gold Medal Run

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Golden Dreams

Success, once achieved, nothing shines brighter than the journey. The goal was to get gold, the goal was to win. The journey was filled with, doubt, broken bones, tribulation. The memories of pain, the thoughts that say. Is it worth it?

The truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. That pain, the journey to success. Was mine, it was unique, It was special. When the journey of an athlete comes to fruition. When it comes down to one moment, that can determine the rest of your life. Did you do everything you could to achieve success on this journey? Did you work harder than all your competition? Would all the pain be worth it in the end?

For me, it was. Achieving my goal, my dream. The trip that I took through this life, to be the best, for just a moment. A moment that came down to seconds, it came down to the gold. To being the best, to accomplishing a dream. But most importantly it came down to one moment that made all the other moments worth it. That made the doubts, the thoughts, the moments of tribulation and all the pain. Worth it. It was a journey that came down to just a few seconds. Where the tears of all the past pains were released by emotions of joy. Not because of a gold medal, but because the journey, was entirely worth it. The gold medal that sits in my pocket, is worth a few dollars on the street. But in my heart its worth more than a journey of a lifetime. Those that have failed, those that I faced with my success. Those that i beat on this way, its worth all of their work, all of their emotions. It’s worth a moment that came down to a memory of a young boy, that decided he could. A young boy that realized there was always going to be someone better, but for a moment maybe he could be the best. A young boys dream, a dream that grew from a young wrestler sitting on the edge of a wrestling mat, that said. How can i be the best? The only answer that young boy came up with, was be an Olympian. Be the best in the world. A dream millions think of, millions pursue, but so few achieve. Isn’t that the beauty of the journey, it wasn’t for a gold trinket. It wasn’t for the girls or the attention of the photos. It was all for the journey, the journey to look back on life and say, “I had a dream, and i did it” I didn’t quit. I didn’t stop, I worked harder, I worked longer. I endured, I persevered. I inspired and I did it. All from a little boy who believed.

I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone that helped me on this journey, a journey filled with smiles, tears, pain and most importantly achievement. Achievement of a dream. To be the best, even if it was just for a moment. The journey and good friends I made on the way, made it all worth it. I’m going to go for more medals and keep pursuing my other lifelong dreams. Please I encourage you, don’t give up, you can to, in your own way. Make your own journey, and get the gold for your dreams.

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Hershey’s taste gold ad

Excited to be bringing home Gold for @TeamUSA! Competing for Gold has never been so sweet. #HersheysGold #TastetheGold @Hersheys #ad

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Downhill Gold

1.64 seconds. Was determined by my hard work, my decisions and my instincts. It will determine my future, my successes and most importantly my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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